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What's Happening..


Welcome to Sense of Style Fashion Hair Caps

Sense of Style Fashion Hair Caps came into being one day when I was out for a motorcycle ride with my husband and wanted to find an easy way to deal with the resulting "Helmet Head".   After hours of research along with some trial and errors, Sense of Style Fashion Hair Caps was born. 

Having a bad hair day?  Just slip one of my Fashion Hair Caps on your head and NO-ONE will know the difference.  These caps are also welcomed by cancer patients and others who suffer hair loss due to medical conditions, or for any reason! Golf, Tennis, Spa day, any time you are out in public and your hair shouldn't be - My Fashion Hair Caps will come to your rescue!

Customer Comments

"What a Lifesaver! When I'm out with my husband on our motorcycle I hate the hassle of "Helmet Head". With one of these, I just put on my cap and No-one can tell."
Luisa - FL

"I love my cap! People always want to know how I got my hair through the cap!"
Sue - MI
"A must to take on vacation with you. Enjoyed my vacation without worrying about my hair."
Gloria - WA

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